A downloadable game for Android

UNBOUND Diamonds drop in Bloody Castle
FREE TIER 10 Archangel Weapon and Tier 10 Epic Armor!
EXP Rates and drops X5
FREE 30 million bound diamonds & 500.000.000 bound gold
Daily Webcodes
Low recharge rate: 1$ = 170.000 diamonds
Max. item enchantment +20
Website: www.omegamu.eu
Official Facebook Page: www.fb.comMUOriginOmega

Version 7.0.2 Server Features:

-New Reborn system
-New Cross Map
-New WingsPetsItems
-Improved User Interface

-New Cross-Maps
-New Cross-Server activities
-New mounts (horses)
-Improved User Interface graphics
-Better meditation system that rewards you with items
-New server dungeons
-Devil Soul and Fashion
-Mounts Fashion
-Weapon Fashion
-Character footprint (the effects under your character)
-Revive system
-Force system with many mini-events
-Armor System

...and much more! Test it yourselves

Install instructions

To install the .apk please enable installations from unknown sources in your Security Settings


Omega MU 7.0.2.apk 84 MB

Also available on


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what happen i install this apk but isn't work my network is stable.please fix this game

i will re-upload the application, we have updated to verison 7.0.2 , old .apk doesn`t work anymore